Experiences & Commissioned Works

1. Leo Burnet Individual Trophy (10 editions) and Group Trophy (1 edition) for Leo Burnet Agency-Jakarta, Indonesia, 2009.
2. Design and production of IYCE (International Youth Creative Entrepreneur) Indonesia (4 editions) Trophy. Stainless steel electroplating, 2008.
3. Design and production of Trophy for Ministry of Public Works (50 editions). Copper wires and plate, 2007.
4. Jesus is alive, bronze. Collected by: Mariani Ojong-Jakarta, 2007.
5. Design dan production of stained Glass for El Shaddai Injil Sepenuh Church, Lembang, Bandung, 2006.
6. Pelita Harapan University Trophy for the Best Performance Students, 2006.
7. Design and production of Copper Relief for Scuza Italian Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta, 2004.
8. Design and production of Standing Sculpture Lamp (stone and stainless steel), for Scuza Italian Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta, 2004.
9. 12 Roman God and Goddess for Roman Ceramic Showroom, PT Satyaraya Keramindoindah, Balaraja-Tangerang, 2003.
10. Making three-dimensional panels billboard, acrylic sheet for CALTEX Petroleum, Indonesia, 1998.
11. Six copper panels reliefs for Entrance Hall of Emmanuel Christian Hospital, Bandung, 1996.
12. Design and making three-dimensional states for Gallery photo studios, Bandung, 1996.
13. Design and making three-dimensional panels billboards , aluminum sheets , for AIWA Factory at Sukabumi, 1996.
14. Making three-dimensional panels billboards , aluminum sheets , for NISP Bank at all branches in Indonesia, 1996.
15. Human Resources Department Manager at Sunaryo studios for workshop on making out-door statue of "Sea Horse Creature " for Planet Hollywood-Jakarta, Indonesia, 1994.
16. Designed three-dimensional Tapestry for Banking Hall of Bank Negara Indonesia 1946, Jatinegara, Jakarta, 1993.
17. Designed and making Stained Glass for several houses in Jakarta and Bandung, 1993.
18. Teaching 3 Dimentional Form at Departement of Architecture, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, 1993 - 1996.
19. Teaching Fine Art Education at Santo Aloysius Junior High School , Bandung, 1990 - 1992.
Last edited : April 30, 2009